Is Sex Important?

Is Sex Important?

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Whatever you want help with, I’m here to support you.

Clients come to me to tackle low confidence, self-esteem issues, and relationship breakdowns, to nervousness, anxiety, and stress management. As well as issues such weight loss, smoking cessation and alcohol moderation.

Your first session is talk therapy where we explore and discover the details and roots of the presenting problem(s) in detail. We then discuss solutions and what you are hoping to achieve and any factors which may prevent success.

I then spend several hours creating a bespoke Therapy Package, designed to achieve the best results in the timeframe you want, whilst countering any factors that may impede success.

Bespoke hypnotherapy sessions

Weekly telephone coaching support

Weekly email/ text messaging support

Appropriate resources (reading lists for example)

Practical homework tasks designed to help you transition through the change with ease

Follow-up support

Relevant hypnosis audio downloads


When I was five my great grandmother taught me to mediate in a rural village in India. We had to meditate every day, and this is where I started to learn techniques to manage my mind. I went on to induce lucid dreams and out of body explorations as a hobby. When I was 17, I went to on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas and this deeply soulful experience was where my journey really began. I know that our minds and subconscious are the most powerful tools we have and it is my mission to make sure people utilities this power and empower their lives
Mindy Gill