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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy featuring Malminder in the News Hub Press Coverage

Stoptober this year has been phenomenal, Malminder has helped many people quit their smoking once and for all.  The News Hub discussed Stoptober and Malminder’s work in their latest article. Written by Suzi Dixon, on 7th October 2015. follow site Published on The News Hub.

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binaire opties veel geld verdienen “Since 2010, hypnotherapy has helped me quit smoking, cut down drinking and even cured a fear of flying brought on by a particularly bumpy landing at Heathrow in 2005. I’ve heard of people who have quit smoking with just one hour session. What’s more, you can listen to tapes at home, at work, on the bus, any time you need a ‘top-up’ to beat the cravings, anywhere you can take time out to relax and focus. Malminder Gill is based in Harley Street and has a 85% success rate with her clients, including many who have needed just one session.”

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